Our Relationship with God is Our Relationship with Self

God has become to mean this all powerful being with human characteristics  that in some why decides what is going to happen in our lives and after we die.  This being (naturally considered to be a he in a paternal society) will go as far as to notice what language we use and what thoughts we have in order to make these decisions, and for a lot of people will exert punishments if we do wrong.  And most interestingly of all this benign loving enlightened human being called God will at times kill people by the masses for no apparent reason at all and tell you it is good that to kill others if it is in the advancement of his name.  This is to be acceptable because we can’t argue with an all powerful being as we are too lowly and at his mercy to question this contradiction on the subject of being loved.

Society has been based on this idea for thousands of years, with the monarchies being the conduit of God therefore having the right to exact punishment on people and not to be questioned and demand one kills another for the advancement of this sovereign, this is now been taken over by the governments who increasingly find new ways to measure people’s behaviour and punish those who don’t comply.  The governments who represent the interests of the people, yet are increasingly being taken over by corporations, are not to be questioned when they impact the lives of masses people negatively and demand that one kills another to enforce their own sovereignty and because they are all powerful and we too lowly to question the contradictions we must vote to sustain the system.

Yet it would be wrong to think that god is merely a fabrication of the human mind in order to exert power over others.   There are many teachers of the past who have had very strong messages to the contrary and the success of these messages, regardless of how they have been distorted over time, is a testament that people know that there is something intrinsically true being conveyed even if they are not entirely sure or understanding of what it is.

However, as time has passed and we arrive here to this moment in the human experience, we can see that perspectives about the world have drastically changed and with it the language and our understanding of it so what fruits given to us by Christ or Mohammed to mention the predominant teachers, have been largely lost and slowly rotted away and what we have been left with is hard line fanatical belief that seeks to increase its power over people willing to listen because they have become increasingly insecure in their righteousness whether they care to acknowledge it or not.

So if our judgement is clouded and we want clarity how do we truly find God, how do we remove the veils of the enforced power over us and release the Stockholm syndrome to which we have become a victim – the condition where we defend our abuser because we think our survival depends on them.

As mentioned in the previous chapter, we are all born free to choose, not what TV or car we are going to buy, but to choose whether or not we are going to allow ourselves to feel and let that be our guidance towards happiness.  This is accepting our spirituality, and accepting God in its true sense.  Jesus says that the kingdom of God is within us so we need to understand that we are  God and in fact everything we are perceiving with our senses, and those that we do not, are all a manifestation of God – us.  He is not human and has no human characteristics.  We are human and we have human characteristics.  God is the source energy of all that is and in its utter simplicity has no concept of right and wrong.   It is the fabric of the universe from which all things come and we have a choice to either acknowledge that we are source energy – God –  and enjoy the benefits of that  in appreciating our creative value to the universe or we can continue to externalise our experience and watch as the world continues to become one of even greater extremes.


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