What to do on a bad hair day?

A ‘bad hair day’ has come to mean a day where things don’t go your way and is generally frustrating.   How do we deal with these days when sailing the ocean of emotion?

A scenario, which is unfolding right now in my life I would like to share with you so that you can understand better what is happening on such days.

This morning I woke up, my daughter was in a grumpy mood where everything was irritating her, I put my slippers on ( I love my slippers) and there was something very mildly pricking in one of them.  So mild that I didn’t do anything right away, so carried on with getting grumpy child to school and turned on my PC.    I was aware that there was an outstanding bill on an account that needed paying, however, the funds had to come from a PayPal account, which when I log in (I’ve managed to move the mild pricking in slipper now) I find that the account has a problem with limited access and needs information, which leads me to discover another bill needed paying (not on paypal) so cleared that.  Sent the information I think they need and now have to wait for them so in the mean time I think that maybe I can move the money to another paypal account  that is linked to my ebay only to find that having not logged in there for some time, it wants to reset passwords.   So now I write this as I wait for the email notification and thought this would be a perfect time to speak about such days and it is on such days that it is important to know how to deal with them.

From the out set, when my daughter started griping the first thing I did was to recognise that she was griping and that may or may not have something to do with me, in my awareness I could make the choice of whether or not to join her.  I decided not to, I like to have calm easy mornings, so I kept my focus on calm and easy, yet in a state of awareness that there might be something going on with me today bringing unwanted manifestations.

The mild prickle in the slipper was another indication of my bad hair day manifesting.  In my denial, or rather desire for it not to be the case, I didn’t remove what ever it was straight away and waited until I was sufficiently nagged by it before I removed it, not in an irritated way, but a curious one because I couldn’t understand how anything could have made its way into my slipper.

I then start getting blocked on being able to perform what is otherwise a very simple and quick task, yet an hour later I seem no closer to resolving it.  At the very beginning of the experience I felt upset by it, I didn’t like seeing my path blocked, so I removed the screen from my view and focused on things that where more pleasing.

However, knowing that this is the culmination of the morning so far, I knew that somewhere inside of me there was and issue within me regarding (PayPal? money? the bill needing paying?) and I had a choice by either feeding the issue by becoming emotionally involved in the experience and get frustrated, or to simply just take the small steps necessary to achieve my goal acknowledging that it was going to take a lot longer to do it than anticipated and whilst I may not know the future as I live in this moment, I am confident that this situation and taking the time required to solve it is not going to result in anything bad happening rather it is going to resolve something that I have going on inside of me that needs to be cleared.

The wonderful thing in this story is that it really demonstrates that not every day is going to be a great day – and yes that can make you feel out of control and frustrated or stressed, however, there are other options that open up to you when you increase your level of awareness.  The most important one demonstrated here is to not only to recognise as early as possible that something might be going on, but as soon as you have that awareness to come more in the moment and take it one step at a time acknowledging each unwanted manifestation as it happens. My thought with each one was ‘ok, so the universe is taking me on a journey’.   You can’t change these manifestation unfoldings once they start, but you can change the way you handle them and the length of time they last which can have lasting impact on your vibrational state generally.

What ever is happening it is there to cause you to come more into the moment and make the choice about how you feel about it.   The more you ignore making that choice and ‘battle on’ the more discomfort you will feel.  So if you are having many of these days start to slow down a little, start to acknowledge your own existence in the unfolding and be kind to yourself in the process by choosing easier feelings that allow the experience to pass in the best way possible for you.

Life is meant to be easy for you, these bad hair days are a perfect opportunity to practise.









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