Good vs Evil

Good and evil are merely ways of recognising vibration and the effects of a low vibration on a person and the effects of high vibration on a person.  Of course the good versus evil story is a fight where good wins because frankly, any person focusing on increasing their vibration will achieve that, and whilst low vibrations can get stuck, they can be cleared.  The fight of good and evil is with in you, not outside of you and is not actually a fight at all because fighting anything only makes the thing you fight grow stronger as you focus on it.  Any person you are perceiving as ‘evil’ is only a person who has got stuck in low vibration and needs compassion to help them on their path to increasing it again.

We now live in a world where people are judged by their goodness or their evilness and all the shades in between and worse still we judge ourselves by even harsher parameters yet half the time in our disconnection with our bodies and emotions we are not even aware of it.

As talked about before we are the universal source energy (God energy) focused into an individual being just as everything we see is a manifestation of focused source energy.  What we perceive and how we respond/react to it is a direct reflection of our internal state so if we are judging someone and what they are doing not only is the thought an indication of what beliefs you have going on about yourself, but also most importantly, what you are feeling when you look and make that judgement is concurrent of a feeling you have about yourself.

This is often hard for people to hear as often they feel their judgements are coming from a righteous place and the thought that the judgement and feeling of disgust felt when seeing a homeless alcoholic on the street can in anyway be a reflection of them is a step too far.   However, the question has to be asked why you are at all concerned about judging the homeless man on the street who has fallen to the lowest levels of vibration through circumstance?  How is it that you even saw this man?  What was in you that the universe was reflecting back at you by providing the opportunity through that homeless man?

If all was truly well with you, you would not have seen that man that day as you walked down the street.  Indeed, he would probably not have been there at all because if truly you felt no activated feeling about what this man represented there would be no need for him to be there at all.  If you have moved into the state of self love and compassion, then maybe you would be appearing to this man as a source of help and answers, and you would not be offering him help and answers if he did not see you because you would not be the match for his questions.



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