As talked about in the introduction every single human is spiritual whether they choose to acknowledge this fact or not, which means you are spiritual, and your life is effectively driven by this premise.   To live without this part of you is would be like asking your computer to work without electricity.  It just isn’t possible.  So instead most stumble along trying their hardest to externalise it and with every perceived hurt, trying even harder to externalise it because it represents God and if one is rejected by God then one has the right to do the same back.


The unfortunate reality of this is that the God you are pushing away, closing yourself off from, is you and the more you shut yourself off from you, the less opportunity you have to experience happiness (which comes from feeling connected) and the more opportunity you give yourself to experience unhappiness (which comes from feeling disconnected/isolated).


Yet we all need to live in our everyday lives.   There is a wrong perception that somehow we live our lives at the sacrifice of our spirituality or we focus on spirituality at the sacrifice of our everyday lives.   But if you can see that you are spiritual, then the two become the same thing.  There is no need to be a monk or a nun, only the need to accept your spirituality and see the world as a spiritual place of which you are a manifestation.


How you then go forward is entirely up to you.   You don’t even have to keep remembering to be ‘spiritual’ you don’t have to do anything at all just be yourself.  Once you have the perspective, you will naturally want to explore it and enjoy it and experience the power of you because you instinctively know that the path you want to follow feels good to you regardless of the perception of others.   You will want more and more of it and why not.   Here I will set out some ideas of what you might do initially to start but they are just ideas to get you going.  In later chapters I will go into more detail, and process that you can use if you want to go further.


1 – One of the keys to developing a stronger connection with your spiritual connection, is to become more aware of what you are feeling.   When you are trained not to, this is not as easy as it might sound.   So take the easy path.  Learn about what things make you feel good.  You will know some of these things already so use that knowledge.  One of mine is toasty slippers on a winter morning, so every night I put them on the radiator.   I get to feel great!  every morning when I put them on, no matter how tired I might feel that one little thing changes everything else that might be going on for me.

2 – Meditation has become a well known tool.  Though many don’t understand it and rarely practise it with regularity.  If it is hard to create a routine, with it, then use your existing one to piggyback on.   For me, I meditate before I go to sleep.  Sometimes I fall asleep when meditating, but it doesn’t matter.  At least in that time everything is quiet, I have my space and I have no reason not to.  It is particularly useful when I am having an obsession of thoughts that aren’t serving me as it requires me to constantly bring my mind back to ‘zero’ so to speak, and in that process my mind gives up and lets me sleep instead.  Another time I use is when I am doing house work.   I don’t need to be conscious of what I am doing, I can just get on and do it in a relaxed way with an empty mind aware of my breathing and how my body is feeling.

3. If you are changing your perspective, it is good to change your environment to allow a new perspective to come in.   Move the TV into a different location or change the order of the chairs.  Old ways encourage old thinking and stops new thoughts to grow.   Changing your space is an easy and effective way to help you move, grow and change. .

4.  There are few people who are happy with every aspect of their lives.   If there are parts of your daily routine that you don’t like, when you are there take a deep breath and acknowledge your discomfort and be ok with it.   The frowning is a sign of fighting what is.  You can’t change anything effectively with fighting it and the person who proved that most spectacularly is Ghandi, so if you find this difficult, then make a study of him and his life and become inspired by how accepting what you don’t like is the first step in seeing how to make effective change.

5.  Informing yourself is a very powerful way to start feeling your potential in a spiritual way.  This writing is not meant to be a definitive, and should not be taken as such.  Rather as one of many ways to inform yourself so that you can find new and easier ways to feel better by connecting with your spiritual reality.  There are many teachers out there at the moment speaking the same language in different ways, and there will be some you can hear and others you can not.   That does mean some are better than others, it simply means that we can hear them better than others, another person will have a different experience.   Exploring the old religions, not just the one you know is also useful.  It does not have to be in depth and practised, but being informed as to the general beliefs, history and practises will inform you in different ways about your own path, what inspires you and what you like and don’t like.  Remember, however, not to fix your opinion about something always be to ideas that might change or challenge your view.

6.  Begin to recognise that every judgement you are making is one that you make of yourself.   This is only the beginning of a wider practise which is to use external observation to inform you of your internal status.  Where a judgement exists regarding the external world or people, then it is a sign of a barrier within yourself that disconnects you from your spirit and is something you are doing to yourself.  If you see something you don’t like, keep it simple.   Acknowledge you don’t like it and decide what it is you would like to see for yourself instead and focus on that.

7.  Become aware of how you speak in negatives.  There is a lot of research on this subject as to how language affects who we are so do the research.  You do not have to change the way to speak on a conscious level.  Just start becoming conscious of how you speak and the amount of time you are speaking in negatives vs. positives.  This is a great way of becoming aware of where you are in relationship to yourself.   The negatives can be complaining, judgments, criticism either of self or others, swearing.  Positive talking involves less talking, smiling more, offering positive views to negative situations when asked, speaking about what is going well in your life.

So here I have given some pointers of what you might do just to start easing into a new perspective where you are a spiritual person.   Above all, this is meant to be easy for you, so if you are finding it difficult, then listen to it, and find an easier way.   At no point should it be ‘taking’ time, and at no point do you need to stop doing anything that you need to do as a functional member of society.  If you are not so functional right now, well, that’s ok too, you need to focus on point one and start taking every opportunity to do the little things that make you feel good.

To be spiritual is nothing more that feeling good about ourselves and feeling connected to and good about our world around us.  It meant to be effortless, so don’t ‘try’ hard, just observe, learn and tweak until you get there.



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