The Birth and Death of God(s)

God has become to mean this all powerful being that in some why decides what is going to happen in our lives and after we die.  This being (naturally considered to be a he in a paternal society) will go as far as to notice what language we use and what thoughts we have on a scorecard in order to make these decisions, and for a lot of people, will exert punishments if we do wrong.  And most interestingly of all this benign loving being will at times kill people by the masses for no apparent reason at all, and this is to be acceptable because we can’t argue with an all powerful being.  we are too lowly and at his mercy to question this contradiction

Society has been based on this idea for thousands of years, with the monarchies being the conduit of God therefore having the right to exact punishment on people and not to be questioned, this is now been taken over by the governments who increasingly find new ways to measure people’s behaviour and punish those who don’t comply.  The governments who represent the interests of the people, who are increasingly being taken over by corporations, are not to be questioned when they impact the lives of masses people negatively, because they are all powerful and we too lowly to question the contradiction.

How did this all start?

Before the beginning of known history was another history of humans long since burnt and destroyed to ensure the making of this society.  In this history, there were no boundaries, not god, no, judgement.   It was the matriarchal society and was a period when agriculture was discovered.  Women found that they did not need to remember where the best berry bushes where, if they planted a few outside their front door.  During this time, women carved out the world and in that world, there was little death and suffering, because solutions were always anticipated, they didn’t fight (as they are portrayed as doing today) they didn’t judge.   The mother energy doesn’t compete and destroy, she nurtures and loves.  In planting food deliberately, she allowed man to explore his potential outside of the hunt, to prove himself in other ways, and as men did this they realised their vulnerability to women and sought to address it.

So the rise of gods and religions, complex language and calculations, dissection and analysis.  The male mind started to work out the world on his terms rather than accepting the terms offered by the female mind which had little or no explanation other than beingness.  He started to shape the world on those terms and today we see the results.   Men should be proud of wll they have achieved and the distance they have travelled.   It is astounding the steps that can be taken.  However, in equal measure to this achievement, as been the total disregard of the woman and what she has to offer beyond being a conduit to reproduction.  It has been an enslavement on such a massive scale, that only in hundreds of years to come will all of society see it in its true nature free from shame and reproach.

So who is god then?

One would be mistaken to think that ‘god’ is merely a fabrication of the human mind to make sense of the world that is otherwise senseless.   First came many gods, representing the different energies that exist, be it plant energies, water energies, earth energies, air energies etc. These energies where the realm of the female mind that was more sensitive and open to experiencing them – they just simply needed to be categorized by the male mind to make them more tangible, accessible, controllable – give it a name and you will control it.  We do have a wealth of literature that is written about the many gods that have been identified.  Yet through time (that is known history) there have been people (men) who have managed to see past the energies and towards the source of those energies.  Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, are perhaps the most famous around which monotheistic religions were created.

Yet as time has passed to current day, the human experience has changed so dramatically, language and translation shifted, that the essence with which these people spoke has been lost to the vast majority of humans living on this planet.   In fact, it didn’t take so long in the case of Jesus and Muhammad, as they were heralded as political leaders as much as spiritual, so to advance the political agenda the spiritual message was often and still is sacrificed in order to justify a political aim.

What has managed to stay the test of time due to no political affiliation, is Lao Tzu and Buddha, who both attempt to explain, that there is no ‘god’, there is all that is that can’t be named.  in Taoism, it is the heavenly plain, but to name it will be to disassociate from it.  Buddha speaks of nirvana as our perceptual experience of it, but never attempts to name ‘it’.  Yet still in both these religions gods were brought in as they adapted to become more easily accessible

Yet still, you can’t name ‘it’ because you can’t control ‘it’.   To fathom it is beyond the current capability of the human evolution.  What you can do however is work with it – and that is the freedom of choice that you have been gifted with when you came into this life.  It wasn’t what political party to vote for, or which TV to buy, it is the choice in every moment on whether to be connected to ‘it’ or disconnected.

That is the ‘awakening’ that has so often been spoken about.  We are now living in a time where, having moved from many gods to one, to now understanding that there is no god at all and that each of us has this choice.  There is a pervasive force that exists from which everything is created to be experience or be experienced.  It is not judging, critising, punishing, condemning, excluding, choosing, ignoring, jealous, angry, worried, stressed, greedy, competitive, powerful or powerless.  ‘It’ just is and existing equally in everything, as everything and everyone regardless of opinions and beliefs, social status and job description.



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