Time Illusion

The cause of the most stress for most people is the obsession with linear time, so we would urge you to let go of this obsession.   Remove the wrist watch and the time pieces in your house because constant awareness alone can be an all consuming focus for anxiety with out you even realising it.

The truth about time is that it is simply a construct of this material existence.   Source energy is not bound by time, and when you lose this physical body you will not be bound by this linear time either.    So if the source of all that is material is not bound by linear time then is stands to reason that nothing is truly bound by time only belief makes it so.

We would encourage you to stop thinking about time.   The universe has already taken care of everything outside of time.   All you need to do is focus on what you are doing right now and be aware of what you want done.   By relaxing in this way you will find that time will start to bend for you and the universe lines up a perfect unfolding of what you want.   You will get things done in the space of linear time that previously you thought impossible.  By letting go of time you will have the ability to bend time and most importantly it will be because you are now in tune with yourself and your needs as you perceive them and not in tune with something/one else and their needs.  You will no longer have the fear of not knowing what the time is, because you already know what it is, you will now have perfect timing every single time.   Even being ‘late’ will turn out to be a perfection of circumstance.

Life really was meant to be this easy, let go of the time you are holding onto and swim free.



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