You are not expected to to be in a constant state of enlightenment.  Many religions provide practises that are primarily for the dedicated who want to achieve that constant state which is dominated by prayer/meditation and chanting and serving the community.  For most people however the desire is to live the everyday experiences in a spiritual way, yet don’t believe that enlightenment is in their reach as a result.   We would like to let you know that in every moment enlightenment is available to you when you accept that you are a spiritual and that spirit emanates from inside of you not something that you receive from somewhere else .

Part of the journey of life is to swim the seas of emotions, you were born with this ability just as you are born with the ability to walk upright.  Nirvana is on the spectrum of emotions and you can experience it just as readily as you can achieve contentment or anger.  Learn to swim, constantly reach for the best feelings and soon you will find that enlightenment is your constant companion that will support you through your life.

Life is meant to be easy, you only need to choose to make it so.



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