The Mountain

If you think of your spirituality like a mountain.  Your very own mountain inside your heart.   By accepting you are spiritual, you can now have direct (as opposed to indirect/accidental) impact on where you are on the mountain.  You will become aware that there are teachers that exist at different levels of the mountain.  The best teachers will be those who provide the words that reach you no matter where you are on the mountain and finding them will depend on your desire to climb that mountain.

Once you start climbing that mountain, you will feel your change in altitude as you become lighter and lighter.  The weight of the physical reality will have less hold on you, and the problems that come with it will melt away.   You will find that you can breath more easily, yet at times you will want to stop and appreciate the view.  So breath taking it will be you will need that moment to catch your breath.  Travelling up this mountain will be the most exhilarating experience in your life, and by the time you reach the top of it you will have forgotten what it was like to be at the bottom.  You will not stay at the top either, you will want to explore more around the summit, you will drop down a little  and go up again, sometimes you will meet people and you will help them over a difficult bi, or walk along the ridge and abseil down a cliff, but always you will know that if you want it you can go back to the top, sit and meditate and appreciate this amazing reality and unique opportunity you have to see it from your perspective.

When finally you come to the end of this life you will find that really in your transition your are no different.  You are simply more open through your direct awareness that you exist in a completely spiritual realm and will be looking to return to live and create yet another unique experience, to climb a new mountain and feel the exhilaration that brings.  Life is an addiction, we want more and more of it, we can’t stop doing it in the spiritual sense, like we can’t just stop breathing in the physical sense.







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