#5 Sensitivity – Step 1: Body feeling awareness

We would like to make it clear what our purpose is here in speaking with you.  We would like to help you become aware of who you are and how you are connected to everything living thing in this reality.

We would like you to become so sensitive to how you feel in every moment that it becomes your focus to feel good in every moment.

We would like to help you become aware of your connection with source and allow it to flow through you freely and provide you with the benefits of that.

We would like to give you the method in which to learn how to make your awareness of connection you main focus so that it can give you the answers that you seek and the inspiration to take you towards those things that you want and to know when you are not connecting with those things.

Ultimately we would like to provide the methods by which you can start to focus your source so that you might be able to help those around you more effectively.

At no point to you stop being you in the process of allowing source to flow, rather you become an expanded version of you, a fuller you and a more complete you.   You not only feel the love and peace that is source, but the more you practise you become love an peace for the world around you.

To take the first step we offer the following process.

Body feeling awareness

Sit quietly in a room – the room does not in itself need to be quiet.

Close your eyes and focus on the feeling of your body – feel every part of your body and notice which parts of it is feeling something and what it is that they feel.

Repeat the words to yourself (in your head not out loud) as you hold this focus ‘I accept everything that I am feeling in my body as a part of who I am’

Maintain your focus on your body in this way for a few minutes and then put your hand on your chest and take a deep breath.

Repeat at least 3 times a day at different times of the day.

Becoming more aware of your physical sensations is the first step in becoming aware of how you are feeling emotionally.  What is important about this is this it takes the emotional identification out of it so you have less resistance.   Your physical sensations make you aware that you are feeling and that in turn is a reflection of emotions.

By accepting what you feel as part of who you are you are taking the first step in allowing yourself to be you honestly.

The are many long term positive effects to this practise.


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