Streaming vs. Channelling

I’ve been practising opening myself to the channel of Payla, however, I have discovered that in fact, I’m not channelling at all.  To me channelling is the giving over of the body to another entity in order to communicate.

This is not what is going on with me at all.  I am present, I don’t give my body to anyone.   So I have decided to call it streaming to provide an important distinction.

Streaming by my definition is the allowing of source energy.   Everyone can do this and is doing it without even knowing this some of the time.    The other important thing I have learnt is that once you have gained awareness, it requires training and practise to focus the energy to your needs, what ever it may be.

Esther Hicks is an important example of this with Abraham.  Esther is actually streaming, not channelling, and with Jerry’s focus and determination they have trained and practised the focus of source’s output to be of particular benefit to those who have questions.

For me I am still learning and I know that there are more dimensions to this which will be revealed as I become more practised.   As the blog was intended as a record of my own progress, I will continue with the focus now on learning how to teach people to allow source and focus it in a more real way.

This is taking the teachings that are out there today about connecting to source a step further because what they are talking about is so simple and as people focus on listening to them, they miss out on their own teaching experience.  As they focus on given methods, they are missing out on their own unique methods.

The teaching out there today is not wrong, it is completely right.  What I am offering is the next level… becoming your own teacher.

It is so exciting that I can barely contain myself.

Peace and Love and looking forward to streaming with you in future posts.


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