reflection on channel #4

This was an interesting post for me.  As the block of thought came, I thought it would be easier to type it straight into the blog.  Before I have written by hand first.   I have to say that the writing was definitely easier.   With the typing I feel that I have not done a good translation.

This blog is all about practising the connection, so this isn’t surprising and it is fun to try new things with it.  The voice recording is a must as well and I suspect over the holiday period I will be giving it a whirl.  It has helped me better distinguish the process as it works for me.  I get many blocks of thought/clarity in a day and have done I realise now, for most of my life.   I love that my awareness of it is increasing and I am excited about what will come forth as a result.

One of the questions that I have been waiting to get clarity on is the purpose or path of this connection.  I see that that there is a general aspect to it at the moment.  This may be due to my own approach to it.  It may also be due to a response that many know that something is not right with the world right now and are calling for an answer.   I guess it is a question of waiting and seeing.  I do like the general though, it resonates well with me.   The specifics are more than catered for by teachers already here.


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