Channel #4 – Law of Attraction A new Religion?

Melanie was having a conversation yesterday where she was being told about a person who was ‘into all that stuff’ and bought organic food and performed a number of other rituals that was in alignment with what was considered ‘good’.

We call them rituals, because they are actions that are taken on a regular basis with the idea that they will deliver a certain result regardless of vibration, essentially an act of judgement.   This idea stems from religion and as such one could assume that for some people the law of attraction is developing as a new religion.

Ritual when done mindfully so that every time it is done there is a concious awareness of what and why it is taking place the vibration is increased.  In this way rituals are positive and useful tools.

However, when a ritual is performed mindlessly, it has no effect other than to increase awareness of what is not in ones life – the goodness that is wanted.  In other words the reason for performing the ritual being the belief that one is not good enough right now and must do something to change that that.

Law of attraction is not a new religion in the ritualistic sense.   There is no requirement to perform any task in a ritualistic manner in order for you to receive the benefit of it.  If you are practising a religion than law of attraction works to enrich your understanding of it. 

The important part of getting what you want deliberately is to know that you are perfect just as you are.  Be happy and have fun with life.  That is all.  And that love and respect that you give yourself for allowing the happy, is a love that will be reflected in all the people who surround you.  You will find as your vibration increases you will follow the actions that maintain the happy or increase it.  When your good feeling becomes practised so some of the actions you take will be practised, but they will be all part of the practising and they will be fluid and changing  along with it.

Ultimately it is good to know that in order for the Universe to work for you the way you want it to, you do not have to do a single thing other than feel good and if it is a bag of junk food, then that is perfect.   If it is a plate of raw food, that is wonderful.  If it is practising a ritual of appreciation that is great.  Just allow your guidance to take you where you want towards what will work best for you.  There are no rules there is no right or wrong, only you and what you want for you.


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