Channel #3 -Connecting with the Larger Part of You

There are so many tools as humans that are at your disposal that you have not begun to discover.  There are some who find parts of it and others who guide you towards it, but until you truly believe that you are are first and foremost vibrational and that it is from this point that you truly live, then all those tools will remain the experience of the very few who chose to be born that way to show you what is possible.

The absolute truth is that each and everyone of you is invincible, that each and everyone of you is divine and as you focus on that thought and allow yourself to feel the divinity flow through your physical body, in that moment you will know your truth which is to focus yourself into being in alignment  with your divine.  That is your only work in this material reality, because it is from that place that you truly know about love and joy, that you know your power and that you realise your destiny.

We know that for most of you that connecting with your divine happens more by luck than chance, so we would like to share this process with you, so that you may practise.

Being the Larger Part

What is most important, and what should be constantly focused on is the taking care of yourself.  There are many demands and dialogues that compete with this, and those who start on this path have often found that it takes many small steps and falling off the wagon (so to speak) before they are even half way to mastering it.   With this process we hope that it will make the process a little easier, as well as helping you to feel the different aspects of you.

Firstly, find a space either sitting or standing, where you can have 5 mins undisturbed.  This could be in the bathroom, aesthetics are not important.  As you occupy this space, become aware of your primary dialogue of the moment (for example: i am feeling guilty because I haven’t phoned my best friend who really needs me at the moment or I just don’t have enough hours in the day, I have too much to do I don’t know when I can get it all done)

Once you have established the dialogue, take one step forward into a new space, leaving the dialogue and the person holding it behind you.  You have now become the observer.   As the observer, turn around and face the person with the dialogue and listen to the dialogue as the observer.  It is important that you are dispassionate, with out empathy or judgement, you are totally disconnected from what you observe and as such feel the freedom and love that being the observer allows you to be.

As you hear the dialogue consider what is the kindest thing this person you are observing can do for themselves.  And offer those words out loud.   Take one step forward into the the first space, turn and recieve the words of the observer.  If the words feel right then carry out the suggestion, allow yourself to feel good.  If the old dialogue comes back, tell the dialogue that you will listen when you have carried out the suggestion of the observer.  If the words feel wrong.  Then acknowledge that out loud by saying ‘I am unable to hear the words I offer to myself right now, and that is perfectly ok, next time I will be more relaxed and at ease and try again because I know the words are offered in love’

It is important that you carry out this process in the literal physical sense and establish the two spaces.   The dialogue space and the observer.  Practise this as often as you like, and as you do, you will find that you will start to better know yourself, and how to take care of you.   Nothing is more important.  You will start to feel the essence of your vibrational self as the observer, and as this becomes stronger so you will be able to focus yourself into the observer state more frequently and effortlessly.

Have fun with this process, expand on it, and allow yourself to learn what truly resonates well with you and how to follow it.  As you learn to love and take care of yourself, so it will ripple out to all that surround you as your timing will become perfect and the words that you give them will resonate clearly for them.


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