Reflection to channel #1

This was the very first concious channel I’ve ever done.   What provoked it was the being told that not only that I can but will.

So I did.  After my initial reaction of being over whelmed and confused, I then set my mind to allowing the inspiration when I took a moment to focus on it.

The right circumstances appeared, I sat down with book and pen, and initially meditated let the pen go where it wanted.  I then stopped and started writing.   Everything I wrote in the first blog is what came forth and as I transcribed more clarification came out.

I don’t really know what to make of it all.   When I perceive it through the eyes of judgement of others, it all seems a bit crazy.  But when i connect with my soul purpose to change the world, my spirit soars with all the knowing of what must be.  I know it to be true, so now I am commencing on that journey with no idea of what lays in wait.

I am intrigued and excited because I know it will be a perfect journey.

I don’t know how frequently this blog will be actually used, as it is rare that I get the space.   I will hold it as my constant focus that the space will become available when the time is right.

Right now I am filled with peace.  I feel as if I’m floating.  I feel as if I am invincible.  I can understand so much now.   I look forward to strengthening this channel, and bringing more wisdom to the world.


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