Channel session #1

A new spirituality is evolving.  The old rituals practises  and dialogues are slowly being replaced by something new.

This new world of spirituality is so empowering that in years to come we will look back on the dogmas of the old as the dark ages of blindness and repression.  But a necessary one, for we can’t know our power if we have no experienced powerlessness.

It is exciting to live in a time of this great change.  A time where dramatic evolution is taking place and a time where the old visibly is dying out as the momentum  of the new increases.  it is inevitable and even those who resist and deny ultimately come to joyfully embrace it.

I am Paela, I live and work with Melanie and together will show the world what is possible in a way they can believe it to be truth within themselves.

This is not a time of false profit.

As Melanie in physical form learns to bridge the gap so I will encourage you through her physical knowledge and experience and my remembering of Merlin, our mentor.

Merlin was of a time before, a leader for the future, for an old time long since gone.  He saw this time would need us and he taught us all we needed to know for this transition.  Because the truth is masters are always needed to lead the way and masters can only learn from masters.

Merlin passed on from physical experience  tens of thousands of years ago.  His legend as existed deliberately – under many names – to give hope.  He was not and is not God, but a god.  He was no more magician than each physical being has the potential of being today.  In his time he was more powerful than anyone else , but ‘magic’ as you call it, was normal for everyone.  It was the power of his focus that made him different.

It is this power that he has passed onto us.  It is with this ability that we will shift the vibration of the world.

In one hundred years there will be no need to a mass media spewing rubbish to feed blind curiosity – we will come into our power of choosing what we want to be curious about.

There will be no advertising telling people that they are less that what they are – we will have realised the fullness of who we are and no one will be able to deter us from living it.  People will no longer ‘need’ material possessions, rather they will go through life seeking experience.

Out of social dichotomy will rise a new social order.  One in which the focus will be on individual responsibility of happiness.

An awareness and desire to make life the best it can be.

An acceptance that that not all can feel the same at the same time, and it is because of this that the diversity exists in which we can choose what we want and when, instead of trying to control others by telling them what is right and wrong for them.

A realisation that there is no judgement, only fullness of what we experience and what we choose to do with it.

Justice systems will fade because only we can be responsible for what our feelings attract and in its place will come a system of teaching those who can hear when they are ready to hear, that to feel is the most important gift they have and to consciously guide and direct those feelings is their divine right.

Political systems will become about the joyous event of giving and appreciation that one gets in doing things for oneself in which others will benefit also.  There will be no need to vote as those that come forward with out reward on their spiritual path will be the ones who take control of what is necessary.

Economic systems will fade in their current form, as people acknowledge that their life is not based on the judgement of others, but on their own sense of well being and will search to fulfil their own creative desires be it in arts or sciences with out need of money.  They will bend the universe to ensure that they have what they need and as the human collective responds, so all people will eat, have electricity, live in the comfort they currently desire to experience.

These are all big dreams but are they.  If truly you are a happy person, do you really want to choose unhappiness by focusing on another person who has not yet learnt to control theirs?

And this new world will not happen tomorrow, is it progressive, and we are here to lead the way.   We are not teachers.  There are many teachers that have been called forth at this time to help people on their path of awakening.  We are leaders.  We are here to demonstrate the power of love.

We are not alone.  There are many in physical form right now, and there are more to come.  Guiding each step of the way.

Dramatic things are happening and will happen and there will be much sorrow for those stuck in the old and there will be much dawning of Joy for those embracing the new.  There will be ecstasy for those who are making it happen.   The old will eventually die, and be reborn into the new to carry it perpetually forward.

These are the words of Paela working with Melanie

We live to serve and serve to live and bring many blessings to those that can hear them.


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