Channel #2 – The Quickening

What is about to happen? what is the goal?

The goal here is to focus the intention to an even higher vibration than it currently is.

It is time to give momentum as the tipping point has now been reached.

Awareness is here now and it is possible to speed things up. Many have found this year to have been an eventful one. Many things have happened and time is starting to fly past. This will be even more apparent next year. It is will be too much to hold onto and as people start to let go and live in the moment, so the shift and vibration will increase.

We are excited for this and for all those who experience it. It is the time of quickening.


2 responses to “Channel #2 – The Quickening

    • It is going to get better and better for you – live in the moment and your inspiration will take you where you need to be. Don’t spend to much time thinking about it… just smile and have fun with it. So many people are asking for you 🙂


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